Azure Emote – The Third Perspective

No Cover available

Artist: Azure Emote
Year: 2020
Genre: Metal
Notes: Discogs
Add. Notes:
Watch Songs on: YouTube
Cover incl.: No
Encoder: FLAC
Bitrate: ~1000 kBit/s (44.1 kHz/16 Bit/s)
Log & Cue incl.: Yes/No
Size: 306,4 MB
Password: “slam” (without ” “)

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01. Loss (4:58)
02. Curse of Life (5:56)
03. Dark Realms (10:41)
04. Negative Polarity (5:05)
05. Three Six Nine (6:11)
06. Solitary Striving (11:16)

EAC-Log, CUE-Sheed & NFO:

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PERFORMER: auCDtect Task Manager, ver. 1.6.0 RC1 build
Copyright (c) 2008-2010 y-soft. All rights reserved

ANALYZER: auCDtect: CD records authenticity detector, version 0.8.2
Copyright (c) 2004 Oleg Berngardt. All rights reserved.
Copyright (c) 2004 Alexander Djourik. All rights reserved.

FILE: 06. Solitary Striving.flac
Size: 76433966 Hash: 1FC1F871AEEBD81EBE37EFC51A980338 Accuracy: -m0
Conclusion: CDDA 100%
Signature: 5C3992BF4D910143970771393D4B047C646C88C7
FILE: 05. Three Six Nine.flac
Size: 46786271 Hash: 22F67DF88BADA7B5F31621FD1D0804FF Accuracy: -m0
Conclusion: CDDA 100%
Signature: 9BE079EF93FFD2298842583390F1978BB93D240E
FILE: 04. Negative Polarity.flac
Size: 36993897 Hash: 6C763700E11DA889585FC15AD74E57E9 Accuracy: -m0
Conclusion: CDDA 100%
Signature: DE753A74D60358154903570EBEE2B2D0B42351FD
FILE: 03. Dark Realms.flac
Size: 80076259 Hash: 8B544237A4D909C3AFB014A567AA0272 Accuracy: -m0
Conclusion: CDDA 100%
Signature: 30E6A4C5CF7B9718DD566260FD120700A9517F3E
FILE: 02. Curse Of Life.flac
Size: 44124040 Hash: BA1246D24231F345228F6FE190F60A65 Accuracy: -m0
Conclusion: CDDA 100%
Signature: FE7C44D34A3730963F56D7C74639CBC953D45776
FILE: 01. Loss.flac
Size: 36856178 Hash: EF2001141EC2FF4D37CE6ADF4615FB43 Accuracy: -m0
Conclusion: CDDA 99%
Signature: B7762D213636DED9786A6DC3AD88293E31B94188

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